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Stop Junk Mail: Announcing 50% price cut

BOULDER, COLO. – Jun. 16, 2008, When was first launched in Colorado in 2001 the original price was $9.95, so we are winding back the clock to 2001 here at stop the junk mail. As of today we are are cutting our price for a household membership in half to $9.95. is a service to stop unwanted postal junk mail coming to your US postal service mail box and our mission here is to help consumers protect their privacy by reducing the number of times their names appear on mailing lists.

Sign up now to stop unsolicited catalog mailings, prevent identity theft and plant a tree with American Forests Organization. features include; annual unlimited use membership, all types of junk mail , 100% money back guarantee, personal account tracking, direct mail list of over 9000 companies, change of address feature, ability to add all household members to members accounts, small business memberships, search facility and an informative expert advice blog.

For more information about, please contact Margot Brown at 866.769.5885 or media at

8 Responses to “Stop Junk Mail: Announcing 50% price cut”

  • Hello.
    What can you stop besides catalogs? Can you stop annoying solicitations of the vulnerable by organizations such as The Publishers Clearing HOuse?

  • Hi Janice. Yes you can stop Publishers Clearing House,Non Profits, Magazine advertising and many other kinds of unwanted mail.


  • stop pre-approved credit cards

  • Please remove me from your mailing list and stop the junk mail.
    Thank You,

  • Please remove me from your mailing list and stop the junk mail.
    Thank You,

    Stop Catalog – L.L. Bean – Duluth Trading Company – in Top Catalogs & Junk Mail 11-04-2007 to 11-10-2007

  • I’ve been a victim of identity fraud for the second time, now. The first time was due to pre-approved credit applications.

    I’d like all junk mail to stop, but there are some catalogs that I enjoy receiving. I’m also tired of all the solicitations for money from various organizations, including religious and medical organizations.

  • Regarding the stopping of pre-approved credit card applications: A more permanent way to stop these is to go to

    This is a service provided by the four credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, EquiFAX, and Innovis).

    It works like a charm… I haven’t had a credit card app for at ten years!

  • Stop the Junk Mail is wonderful! I was able to eliminate ALL the catalogs and direct mail pieces coming to our house. Now I’m going to sign up (at the reduced rate – thank you) and work on all the junk mail we get at work.

    Thank you so much!

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