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Junk Mail Report Indicates Baby Boomers Are Target Demographic

BOULDER, COLO. – Aug. 28, 2007 – Consumers over the age of 45 are being targeted with the most junk mail according to’s 2007 second quarter survey. Results show that the over 60% of surveyed participants are over the age of 45 years old, which include the baby boomer demographic. releases their consumer opinion survey quarterly in an effort to determine how best to reduce the environmental impact of postal junk mail. The survey is taken anonymously by a nationwide sampling of consumers to accurately show attitudes toward stopping junk mail.

The survey also asks consumers what they believe are direct mail’s “worst offenders” with banks at the top of the list followed by catalogs. The top three cancelled catalogs during the last quarter were Frontgate, Ballard Designs and Home Decorators Collection.
To view a copy of the survey results or get more information on, please contact Margot Brown at media (at) or visit their website at
, a Boulder, Colo. based company, was founded in 2001 as a convenient, cost-effective way for subscribers to opt out of receiving unsolicited junk mail. For a $19.95 annual subscription, will assist consumers in removing personal information from select mailing lists and plant a tree in an effort to repopulate forests being depleted by junk mail production. features include; annual unlimited use membership, all types of junk mail , 100% money back guarantee, Personal Account Tracking, direct mail list of over 9000 companies, change of address feature, ability to add all household members to members accounts, search facility, informative expert advice blog.

4 Responses to “Junk Mail Report Indicates Baby Boomers Are Target Demographic”

  • Baby Boomers are not the over 65 demographic you mention. Baby Boomers are ages 44 to 61.

  • “Consumers 65 and Over” are not “Baby Boomers” because the Baby Boom Generation is defined as those born between 1946 and 1964, which would currently make Baby Boomers between 42 to 61 years old, not 65 and over.

  • Gidday,
    Thanks Giselle and Rita for pointing that fact out, yes you are correct, baby boomers are between the ages of 43 – 61 years of age. I beg your pardon.

    We have corrected our Press Release to reflect the results that include the Baby Boomers. This quarterly report shows a lower number in this demographic than usual. In 2006 we had 4 consecutive quarters where the baby boomer demographic was over 40%.


  • 46 year old baby boomer here – Interesting post. Over here in the UK we have recycling bins for our paper waste, I reckon if people would stop sending me Junk Mail i could stop throwing trees away on a daily basis.

    Any baby boomers reading this got any ideas about what we can do constructively with all this junk mail???

    Also check out Cafe Baby Boomers A website for our generation

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