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Colorado Anti-Junk Mail Legislation Halted Consumers can still stop junk mail privately

BOULDER, COLO. – Mar. 19, 2007 – Legislative efforts to allow consumers to eliminate junk mail from their mailboxes have been halted in Colorado. But Coloradoans still have options, such as, to remove themselves from mass mailing lists. wants consumers everywhere to know that even though similar efforts throughout the country are being stifled, they can still opt-out of getting direct mail using the company’s private service.

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Sara Gagliardi, a freshman Democrat from Arvada, faced opposition from businesses, unions and postal workers whose livelihoods depend on the multibillion-dollar direct mail industry. Gagliardi said she introduced the bill to address environmental concerns and the threat of identity theft that accompanies direct mail. The proposal would have allowed Coloradoans to sign up on a “do not mail” list, similar to the “no call” list that stops telephone solicitations.

Having the option to stop receiving unsolicited mail, while easing the conscience of the “green-minded” population, would have resulted in Postal Service layoffs. Approximately half of the 12.5 million pieces of mail delivered in the state are classified as direct mail, and account for one-third of their operating budget.

Similar legislation is pending in Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New York, Texas, Washington and Vermont. While Coloradoans no longer have a state-sponsored option for reducing unsolicited mail, they can still say no to junk in the mailbox by using’s service, as can any consumer – nationwide – who is tired of sifting through piles of unwanted mail., a Boulder, Colo. based company, was founded in 2001 as a convenient, cost-effective way for subscribers to opt out of receiving unsolicited mail. For a nominal fee, will remove subscriber information from select mailing lists and through a partnership with American Forests Organization will plant a tree in an effort to repopulate forests being depleted by junk mail production.

For more information about, and how it’s filling the void left by the recently terminated legislation, please contact Margot Brown at 866.769.5885 or media at

3 Responses to “Colorado Anti-Junk Mail Legislation Halted Consumers can still stop junk mail privately”

  • will remove subscriber information from select mailing lists

    Hi Margot,

    What about specific mailing lists? An organization has targeted me for their direct mail campaign for the past six months. My address is now on four different branches of this org. even though I have no affiliation with them.


  • Hi Becky,

    Thanks for the great question.

    Yes, we do stop select mailing lsits. We have over 9000 publications to select from. You can chose to stop one or many publication for your name or any other household member. This means you still receive the catalogs you love to shop from.

    Unfortunately you can get on lists because companies will share, rent and sell your personal information. So you may have joined some other organization and they then sold it on to this organization without your knowledge!


  • Do you know how I can find out more about the Do-Not-Mail legislation from state to state? I’m from New York state, and I’d love to tell my representatives to support it.

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