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The Company Store, The Number One Stopped Catalog

BOULDER, COLO. – Nov. 1, 2005 – Receiving unwanted junk mail in the mailbox? A survey conducted by in which Catalog and Direct Mail companies are identified as the worst offenders. Would a Catalog or Direct Mail company, such as The Company Store, be intrigued to know how cost could be cut by effectively targeting their customer base?

The Junk Mail Report has been published by at The independent, 11 question survey, polled subscribers about unwanted mail and is published quarterly on the website. The report is based an anonymous survey on how people feel about the amount of unwanted solicitations received in the mail from around the United States.

These are some of the issues the survey addresses:

Would the Internet be a better medium to distribute catalogs and direct mail to shoppers?
Is it effective for charities to send out mailings?
Are holiday mailings effective or do the catalogs contain the same things over and over?
How often are catalogs thrown out because too many arrive?
Are special sale catalogs effective?
Would you rather shop online or through the mail?
Which Catalogs are the worst offenders?
What is the number one Catalog stopped using
What is the number one Direct Marketer stopped by
How many catalogs are received each week?
How often would you like to receive catalogs?
How often do you receive credit card applications?
Do you often get free magazines telling you that you have a subscription but do not remember subscribing?

The Junk Mail Report Results:

The study indicates, on the whole, 82% of those surveyed acknowledged they receive too much unsolicited mail. 47% of the people throw out there junk mail immediately. 61% thought Banks were seen as the number one ‘Worst Offenders’ of sending junk mail. 16% identified that number two offenders were Coupon companies. 32% would prefer to get only one or two catalogs a year and receive updates via email. 61% of the people surveyed indicated they receive between 1-5 catalogs a week and 46% of you prefer not to receive catalogs at all and shop via the Internet. The top 5 catalog companies stopped were: The Company Store, Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, and The Sharper Image Travel Smith. The top 3 Direct Mailers stopped were The Direct Marketing Association, Chase Visa Platinum Card, Equifax. Direct Mail includes bulk mail, credit card applications, advertising flyers, coupons, fundraising, non-profit organizations and magazines. is a Web site dedicated to providing consumers with the most convenient and cost-effective way to remove themselves from the mailing lists of unwanted catalogs. Launched in spring 2001, by Harman Research, Inc., based in Boulder, Colorado, providing Information Technology solutions since 1996.

One Year of Unlimited Use and Unlimited Selection

Citizens can join the service by contributing nineteen ninety-five for a one-year, unlimited-use membership. Because a variety of catalogs and other direct mail come at different times of the year, the site allows users to return as many times as they wish during their membership and cancel as much unwanted mail as they want for anyone in the household.

The site has a robust database comprised of more than 7,000 popular catalogs and mass mail marketers, all searchable by name. Within 1 hour after users select the bulk mail they wish to stop receiving, serves a legal notice on each publisher requesting they remove the user from the company’s mailing list pursuant to U.S. statutes and Supreme Court case law.

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