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Opt Out of Valpak Fliers

How to opt out of fliers from Valpak is not that difficult but you do need to allow 4-6 weeks before the process is complete.

Enter your full address exactly as you see it on the address label when you click here.


Stop Catalogs Now

We have rolled back the clock at to 2001. An annual membership for households is now only $9.95. can also help unclutter your office with a small business membership from $24.95. can help you stop unwanted catalogs and protect your privacy by removing your name from hundreds of direct marketing mailing lists.


How to Stop Junk Mail

There are lot more very useful Junk Mail services out there to help you stop the catalogs coming to your personal home mailbox. A service such as, 41pounds or greendimes will work for you if you are persistent and stop every catalog that comes to your USPS mail box.

Stopping catalogs isn’t something that happens over night, most direct mail companies will send their catalogs to a bulk mailer up to 3 months in advance of a delivery date. Even if you contact a catalog direct mailer and ask to be removed from their mailing list they will automatically tell you that you may receive 3-4 additional catalogs.

or as Neiman Marcus says”
> We will make every effort to comply with your
> request. Please be advised that the names are
> selected for the mailing list in advance. You may
> receive four to six additional catalogs before
> the removal is complete.”

The second part of the puzzle is to look at the address label carefully each time you stop the catalogs. Your name may appear on the catalog mailing list 3 or 4 times and each time it is spelled differently or has a unique account number. Each of these need to be removed from the list.

A third possibility is that your name was on a rented list. In this case your name will only be added to their private catalog mail preference list if you actually order merchandise.


Link to Opt Out of Advo Flyers

What happened to ADVO? Well they got taken over by Valassis last year.

You can still go to to opt out of ADVO flyers. It will take 5-6 weeks to become effective.

You can also call Valassis’ Consumer Assistance line toll free at 888-241-6760 (8:30am-5:00pm EST) or print this form and mail it in.


Stop Holiday Catalogs Now

Now is the time to get to work to stop those unwanted Holiday catalogs from coming. You already have the “Back to School” Catalogs I am sure and then it’ll be the Fall issues trying to sell you Halloween and thanksgiving items.

It’s the big push for catalog companies bulk mailing for the busy season. Why now? Well most of these companies are already setting up printing for their holiday issues, planning and photo shoots are under way. Catalog companies don’t do their own mailing, they leave it to bulk mailers so they ship in bulk to the middle man and give them the dates for delivery way in advance.

Start making inroads now before it’s too late.


Stop Junk Mail in New Zealand


We have only been here a few weeks but have already seen what New Zealand has to offer in the direct mail industry.

The biggest problem I see here is the hand delivered unaddressed flyers, or circulars as they are called here, from advertisers such as KMart, The Warehouse, Mitre10, local newspapers, grocery shops and other major retailers.

Here’s how it works, the retailer will hire a direct marketer to deliver circulars (nothing unusual), then the direct marketer will hire hand deliverers such as mums at home, students, etc.. who need a few extra bucks and “want to get fit” to deliver them to mail boxes in demographic areas. I see these people walking the streets with baby strollers and shopping trolleys full of circulars. The only way to ensure you do not receive these kinds of circulars is to put a sticker on your mailbox that says “No Junk Mail” or “No Circulars”. This works.

A company in New Zealand, also based in Christchurch, called gets volunteers together to go around the streets and give out No Junk Mail stickers for mailboxes. The stickers are free and paid for by city and regional councils like Environment Canterbury.

The other kind of junk mail I have seen so far is from companies that most people have business relationships with, such as banks, insurance, university Alumni, etc… sound familiar?! I have not seen many catalogs as yet, just a few, but to be honest I haven’t been shopping much yet! I know they are around but not to any extent like the USA.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs in NZ also acknowledges the use of these signs on mailboxes. A section at the bottom of this article indicates that a company has created a “Do Not Mail” list you can add your name to called the Name Removal Service. Consumers can write to the Marketing Association (oh, BTW, previously known as the DMA!) and add their names to the list which in turn reduces the number of unsolicited calls and mailings. Who would have thought, the DMA’s Mail Preference Suppression list all over again. FYI, they do note that “… it will not stop communications from organisations with which you have an existing relationship, e.g. your bank, your lawyer, etc.” I would also assume, which they fail to mention, is that you will only be removed from members mailing lists as it is a members based service!

I find it interesting that no matter where you go the system is pretty much the same, in NZ it is on a much smaller scale however.

Write To: Name Removal Register, Marketing Association, P O Box 47681, Ponsonby, Auckland. You can also register online.


Stop Junk Mail: Announcing 50% price cut

BOULDER, COLO. – Jun. 16, 2008, When was first launched in Colorado in 2001 the original price was $9.95, so we are winding back the clock to 2001 here at stop the junk mail. As of today we are are cutting our price for a household membership in half to $9.95. is a service to stop unwanted postal junk mail coming to your US postal service mail box and our mission here is to help consumers protect their privacy by reducing the number of times their names appear on mailing lists.

Sign up now to stop unsolicited catalog mailings, prevent identity theft and plant a tree with American Forests Organization. features include; annual unlimited use membership, all types of junk mail , 100% money back guarantee, personal account tracking, direct mail list of over 9000 companies, change of address feature, ability to add all household members to members accounts, small business memberships, search facility and an informative expert advice blog.

For more information about, please contact Margot Brown at 866.769.5885 or media at

Stop Catalog – L.L. Bean – Duluth Trading Company – in Top Catalogs & Junk Mail 11-04-2007 to 11-10-2007

Stop Catalog – L.L. Bean,Duluth Trading Company, and were in the top stopped catalogs and junk mail for the week of 11/04/2007 through 11/10/2007. Seems that the top stops by users are the catalogs stops and the direct mail companies are taking a lower priority.

Top Catalogs Removed (well there were no direct mail items(aka JunkMail)
1. Hammacher Schlemmer
2. Oriental Trading Company
3. Woolrich
4. L.L. Bean
5. Duluth Trading Company
6. Pottery Barn
7. MindWare
8. Wolferman’s
9. Harry & David
10., a Boulder, Colo. based company, was founded in 2001 as a convenient, cost-effective way for subscribers to opt out of receiving unsolicited junk mail. For a $19.95 annual subscription, will assist consumers in removing personal information from select mailing lists and plant a tree in an effort to repopulate forests being depleted by junk mail production. features include; annual unlimited use membership, all types of junk mail , 100% money back guarantee, Personal Account Tracking, direct mail list of over 9000 companies, change of address feature, ability to add all household members to members accounts, search facility, informative expert advice blog

Northport NY, La Moille IL and West End NC Learn How To Stop Unwanted Mail Order Catalogs

Northport New York, La Moille Illinois, West End North Carolina learn how to stop unwanted mail order catalogs between 10/28/07 to 11/03/07.

Northport is a village in Suffolk County, New York on the North Shore of Long Island. The village population was 7,606. The population of La Moille IL is 773 people which is the smallest town we have come across since starting to record statistics on the new blog. West End North Carolina is has a population of 7,623.

We have many small towns in the country that have found that it is easier to learn how to stop unwanted mail order catalogs and us postal mail before it arrives in the mail box.

Largest Junk Mail Stoppers
10. New York NY

California, New York, Illinois – States That Cancel Catalogs – Mail Week Ending 11-3-2007

California, New York and Illinois cancel catalogs and mail; 10/28/2007 through 11/03/07
California is the most populated state in the country. With Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor at the moment. The capitol is Sacramento and the largest city is Los Angles.
New York is the 3rd most populated state in the USA. Albany is the Capitol and of course the largest city is New York City. New York covers 54,475 square miles (141,089 kmĀ²) and ranks as 27th largest state by size.
Illinois ranks 5th in the country for population, Springfield Illinois are the Capitol and Chicago Illinois is the largest City in the State. provides a service that will cancel catalogs and mail for homes and small businesses.

Top Stops Are From:
1. California – CA
2. New York – NY
3. Illinois – IL
4 Flordia – FL
5. Massachusetts – MA
6. North Carolina – NC
7. Ohio – OH
8. Washington – WA
9. Texas – TX
10. Pennsylvania – PA