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Top 3 things you can do to stop junk mail


Here are the top 3 things you can do to opt out of postal junk mail.

1. Use an online service to opt out of catalogs as you receive them, such as

2. Contact the 3 major Credit Bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Your name will be suppressed for 5 years. You can do this by going to

3. Reduce the amount of purchases online or via catalog by shopping at local stores in your area.


Cutting Down Junk Mail


Do you hate checking your mailbox at home or at your office because you know it is going to be full of junk mail? Have you ever wondered if there was a solution to cut down on your junk mail once and for all? There is a solution, and it’s only a mouse click away!

At times it seems like every day when we check our mailboxes at home they are full of fliers, sales papers, or some other kind of junk mail. It’s junk mail that will never get read, or opened. It usually goes straight into the trash without a second thought. Have you ever wondered if there is a way to stop the junk mail from filling up your trashcan or recycle bin?

If you are like most people, you are flooded with junk mail. Of course it is possible to go through each piece, contact the senders and ask to be removed from their mailing list. But what if there was an easier way? A way that would ensure that you received no junk mail? A way that did not involve you filling out post cards, spending hours on the phone, and works for both home and businesses?

There is an easy way, that is just a mouse click away. is your one stop shop for putting an end to junk mail, credit card offers, and anything else that clogs up your mailbox, and ends up in the recycle bin.

We have an extensive database of over 9000 listings that you can remove yourself from easily. Once you become a member, we will plant a tree in order to help the environment as well. Not only are you helping the environment by opting out of junk mail, but you are also helping by having a tree planted.


How to Stop Junk Mail


There are lot more very useful Junk Mail services out there to help you stop the catalogs coming to your personal home mailbox. A service such as, 41pounds or greendimes will work for you if you are persistent and stop every catalog that comes to your USPS mail box.

Stopping catalogs isn’t something that happens over night, most direct mail companies will send their catalogs to a bulk mailer up to 3 months in advance of a delivery date. Even if you contact a catalog direct mailer and ask to be removed from their mailing list they will automatically tell you that you may receive 3-4 additional catalogs.

or as Neiman Marcus says”
> We will make every effort to comply with your
> request. Please be advised that the names are
> selected for the mailing list in advance. You may
> receive four to six additional catalogs before
> the removal is complete.”

The second part of the puzzle is to look at the address label carefully each time you stop the catalogs. Your name may appear on the catalog mailing list 3 or 4 times and each time it is spelled differently or has a unique account number. Each of these need to be removed from the list.

A third possibility is that your name was on a rented list. In this case your name will only be added to their private catalog mail preference list if you actually order merchandise.


The Company Store Reduced Mail Plan

Here is a new concept from The Company Store. The company Store is now offering an option for consumers to Opt-In to a “Reduced Mail Plan” in which you would only receive 4 catalogs throughout the year.

I would advise any of our members to call and sign up for this if they like to still receive The Company Store catalogs.

I would think that this is partially based upon the pressures that the recession is having on the direct mail business. But kudos to The company Store for recognizing that consumers do like to be offered choices.

Junk Mail from Bloomingdales By Mail Discontinued

Bloomingdales by Mail no longer offers catalog distribution. The final Bloomingdales by Mail catalog was distributed at the end of December.

If you are currently receiving catalogs, those will be from the Local store’s. In order to stop the receipt of such catalogs, please contact the store directly.

Bloomingdales are discontinuing their catalog so they can shift focus to direct-to-consumer advertising through their website. Apparently their web sales is far outpacing their catalog sales.

Williams-Sonoma Catalog

We had an email at this past week from Williams-Sonoma letting us know that they will not be honoring our opt out requests since our service is not “…convenient, trustworthy and provided free of charge….”

After 8 years of honoring our requests we are no longer a preferred 3rd party because we charge for our service. As for trustworthy we are members of the BBB, a trusted mark in any business.

Williams-Sonoma go on to state that “…we honor mail preference requests from the following third party resources… DMA and Catalog Choice“. Because we are not backed by the government nor by other charitable organizations we are penalized for trying to keep our business up and running in a recession . The biggest losers will be our members.

In the same breathe they then state emphatically that they are:

“… deeply committed to respecting our customers’ privacy and personal communication preferences. As such, we honor catalog mail preference requests expressed by our customers directly through any of the following sources: via direct email, via the mail preference service on each brand web site, or directly to any of our customer care centers.” It appears they are being selective with customer preferences not committed.

After saying all of that they then inform us that can go online on behalf of our members and update their Catalog Mailing preferences! To me it sounds like they are being plain lazy.

BTW: The DMA is not a free service, Williams-Sonoma pay a large fee to be member of the DMA but it is however free to the consumer. The DMA collects consumer info via the Mail Preference Service and in 3 years probably uses this consumer data for new marketing campaigns. Catalog Choice are now offering a shopping service for catalogs. In the long run it seems that the DMA and Catalog Choice are actually collecting opt-ins!

So who benefits here? Williams-Sonoma mostly, the DMA definitely and Catalog Choice possibly, Consumer marginally.


Junk Mail and Your Postal Carrier

It’s amazing to me to think that a postal carrier thinks he/she will lose his job if a few people decide that their preference is not to receive postal junk mail. But this is the case with one of our members who has done such a great job of stopping her junk mail!

A member used to get over 140 catalogs a week about a year 1 year ago and now only receives 2 direct mail items each week. Although some of these are actually bills.

Her postal carrier is mad at her! You might ask why? Well he thinks she is going to put him out of a job!

I rather think congratulations are in order for effectively redefining her preferences. That’s just what we are here for. I love it when we have great stories like this!

Link to Opt Out of ValPak Flyers


How to opt out of fliers from Valpak is not that difficult but you do need to allow 4-6 weeks before the process is complete.

Enter your full address exactly as you see it on the address label when you click here.


Online Mail with Earth Class Mail


Before we left for our sabbatical in New Zealand we signed up for a brilliant service called Earth Class Mail.

We get all of our mail online including packages, newspapers, statements, magazines. The mail is automatically scanned so we can see who and where it came from. If we want to see more, the documents inside can be scanned also. Of Course we can forward it or print it wherever we are. Everything else we do is online like banking, shopping, stop junk mail, so why not our mail?

If we decide the mail is Junk Mail then we can get it recycled or shredded and don’t ever have to see it again. Of course this would be after we go online to and stop the catalog!

For us it is a perfect online solution for all of our needs. It’s a one stop shop.


Link to Opt Out of Advo Flyers


What happened to ADVO? Well they got taken over by Valassis last year.

You can still go to to opt out of ADVO flyers. It will take 5-6 weeks to become effective.

You can also call Valassis’ Consumer Assistance line toll free at 888-241-6760 (8:30am-5:00pm EST) or print this form and mail it in.