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Top 3 things you can do to stop junk mail


Here are the top 3 things you can do to opt out of postal junk mail.

1. Use an online service to opt out of catalogs as you receive them, such as

2. Contact the 3 major Credit Bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Your name will be suppressed for 5 years. You can do this by going to

3. Reduce the amount of purchases online or via catalog by shopping at local stores in your area.


Catalog Choice’s Opt Out Success Rate


I was wondering after I wrote the last blog about LL Bean refusing 3rd party requests from how clean the data is from catalog choice going to LL Bean, especially after I read this interview with Chuck teller the Executive director of by Alan Rimm-Kaufman.

There is a question for Chuck as follows from Alan:
“Alan: So you are running list hygiene against your list? By opting out at my old address, I might have opted out at my new address?”

Chcuck’s response:
“Chuck: Let me be clear. We don’t have access to the NCOA list. We provide the name and address as you enter it in to the merchants and the merchant. To the degree that the merchant takes your name and address and run it through NCOA and find that you’ve moved, then they can make that request.”

All be it that this response is based around the change of address, if I read this correctly, it seems that is sending data to the cataloger and relying on the cataloger to clean their data and validate it.

I wonder how many opt outs sent from actually end up getting processed? Does then receive a file back from the cataloger telling them which opt outs were honored? How do they know?

Furthermore, does not require a credit card to validate the member signing up so someone could sign up with a name of Mr. a b c at some bogus address.

I fail to see why LL Bean (and other merchants) is using as a preferred 3rd party for opt outs when there is no validation of data. What process is using to validate their members authenticity?


Stop Catalog Lands’ End with a Personal Touch


I would like to share with you a note that a member received from Lands’ End this week after requesting a catalog opt out.

A member received a personal hand written note as follows: “Just a note to let you know we have removed your name from our catalog mailing lists as you requested. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.” It came hand addressed and in a lovely personal Lands End Note card.

It just goes to show that reducing your unwanted junk mail isn’t such a hard task at all!