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Global ReLeaf2 Campaign from American Forests


American Forests Organization recently announced a bigger effort to rebuild our forests. There are 2 new funds you can donate to Wildfire Releaf for the forest fires in California, and Global Releaf2.

“We are launching Global ReLeaf2 because the current problem requires a doubling of our efforts to reduce rising global temperatures. Our goal is to plant 100 million trees by the year 2020, a goal that can only be attained through the support of communities, businesses, our partner organizations and individuals. By helping us restore the life-giving ecosystem services produced by forests, you can help prevent the loss of more trees.” says American Forests. currently donates $1 of every subscription to the Global ReLeaf Projects, check out what is going on in your state to help regenerate our forests.

In our own state, Colorado, we had a huge fire in 2002, the largest in Colorado history, the Hayman Fire. The fire destroyed many habitats including about 20-40 winter nesting spots for bald Eagles. So far with the help of local organizations the Global ReLeaf fund has donated over 26,000 trees for the restoration project alone. This project is a 10 year plan to regenerate the burn area.

Here are some other American Forest Campaigns.


Niwot and Boulder High Schools up for Junk Mail Challenge


Youth ClassAction organizer, Charlee Dyroff has 4 local Niwot and Boulder Schools signed up for the December Challenge, Boulder High, Niwot High, Fairview High and Peak to Peak.

ClassAction is gearing up for the December Challenge from the 10th to 15th. If you would like your school to be involved in helping your local community opt out of postal junk mail, protect our environment and plant trees with American Forests Organization it’s very simple to get your school involved.

Become a part of ClassAction
You can Contact Charlee if you would like to become a member of the ClassAction Youth Group and be a part of their challenge. School Partnership Program
Contact to get involved in funding your own independant school programs. All you need is an application form to benefit from our schools partnership program. You can be a part of an ongoing daily partnership.


Niwot High School to Help Consumers Opt Out of Junk Mail


I have been meeting with young local Niwot High School Entrepreneur the past few weeks, Charlee Dyroff. Charlee and a few of her friends from other High schools in the district are about to launch a community club called ClassAction focused around undertaking small community programs that will benefit their local environment.

Charlee first came to me with the idea that she wanted to volunteer for We jointly came up with the idea to start a Schools Program between ClassAction and With this program have agreed to fund ClassAction enabling Charlee and her fellow classmates to succeed at their objectives to help the community. Charlee plans to launch the first ClassAction Schools Challenge in December from the 10th to the 15th and welcomes any other school or athletic group in the nation to compete with them.

Charlee grew up with her dad running another program, the Colorado Youth Hockey Foundation, which was formed to help under privileged kids get into ice hockey, check out Like father, like daughter in this case. Charlee has other friends involved at other schools in Boulder and some other states, her idea is quickly growing. The general idea is that the kids take on small community projects to clean up their local towns and put back into the community.

If you want to find out more about ClassAction and the December Challenge defined by ClassAction, you can contact Charlee here or go to their website. offer other programs to schools, clubs or businesses who want to participate in raising funds for their own projects. Please contact us if you have any questions or for an application form to join the program.