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Online Mail with Earth Class Mail


Before we left for our sabbatical in New Zealand we signed up for a brilliant service called Earth Class Mail.

We get all of our mail online including packages, newspapers, statements, magazines. The mail is automatically scanned so we can see who and where it came from. If we want to see more, the documents inside can be scanned also. Of Course we can forward it or print it wherever we are. Everything else we do is online like banking, shopping, stop junk mail, so why not our mail?

If we decide the mail is Junk Mail then we can get it recycled or shredded and don’t ever have to see it again. Of course this would be after we go online to and stop the catalog!

For us it is a perfect online solution for all of our needs. It’s a one stop shop.


Yahoo to Allow Opt Out For Consumers


I just read in the Wall Street Journal today that Yahoo Inc. and other major online companies(such as Google Inc and Microsoft Corp) were sent letters by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The letter asked the companies to respond to a number of questions related to their ad-targeting practices.

Yahoo Inc. has come out and responded favourably and said it will allow it’s users to Opt Out of receiving targeted ads. This kind of movement centers around whether online advertising violates consumer privacy.

Bravo Yahoo Inc.! I think that this is a huge step towards consumer privacy and ultimately consumers freedom of choice.

At we promote the importance of consumer privacy and choice by enabling our users to opt out of unwanted catalogs and direct mail they receive through the USPS. It is an ever growing problem and to see a company like Yahoo Inc. embrace this kind of privacy online is definitely a sign of the times.


World Environment Day June 5th


Kick the “carbon” Habit!

The theme for World Environment Day 2008 is climate change with a focus on moving towards a low carbon economy and lifestyle.

The theme also includes the role of forest conservation and sustainable forestry in achieving domestic and global climate change goals. Try reducing your postal junk mail to start with then plant a tree!

Turn just one thing off in your house. Think of all those appliances on standby mode wasting electricity like your microwave, stove, TV and other ghosts. Try cycling to work, take the bus or train, carpool.

Put your plan into action today. Check out this site in New Zealand, they have already been through World Environment Day, now it’s your turn, pass it on.


Global Earth Hour Christchurch New Zealand


Christchurch on the south Island of New Zealand is joining some other major cities around the world on Saturday March 29th 2008 for the first Global Earth Hour. The city will turn it’s lights off for one hour that day to take a stand against climate change. Other cities to join the 2008 initiative include Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago and Manila and pledges are growing around the world.

Earth Hour started last year in Sydney Australia which was an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund(WWF) and The Sydney Morning Herald. More than 2 million Sydney residents joined Earth Hour causing a 10.2% drop in energy usage across the Sydney CBD, according to Energy Australia.

Christchurch is the first city to join in from New Zealand.

We encourage any person, business or city to make a difference by joining Global Earth Hour 2008.


Is the DMA Really Committed to Consumer Privacy or Direct Marketing?


The DMA is having a “Catalog Summit” meeting in New York today to unveil something to it’s members. I have heard that it may be another service to help consumers opt-out of mailing lists by catalog, a service much like greendimes, and Currently the DMA offer a blanket service where by consumers can opt out from all the DMA members, approximately 3600.

The DMA currently collects consumers opt out information, then once a month sends a suppression list in the form of a file to each of it’s members. The agreement is based upon the compliance that their members will suppress these names from their marketing lists. Their ethics committee oversees these rules.

But what about those companies such as who also send opt out requests to direct mail companies, including DMA members? Since the DMA does not divulge who their members are(they keep that private) it is hard for a service such as to know which companies we may be sending duplicate opt-out requests to.

Currently we send opt outs 1 by 1 but we have been asked by some companies to send a file containing all of our members who wish to opt out. Will the DMA allow it’s members to receive names collected from 3rd parties such as ourselves in the form of a file like they do? I mention this because I have heard that the DMA is trying to convince their members to refuse just these kinds of opt out files from 3rd parties. Just say NO is the message! But surely you ask isn’t that the choice of the catalogers and not the DMA to dictate to their members?

If the DMA were really committed to helping consumers reduce their unwanted direct mail and protect their privacy they would encourage other services such as,, and to work with their members.

Problem is the DMA’s main business is committed to helping members better target consumers for direct mail. How can the DMA be committed to both consumer privacy and direct marketing? Now isn’t that an odd dilemma!


Global ReLeaf2 Campaign from American Forests


American Forests Organization recently announced a bigger effort to rebuild our forests. There are 2 new funds you can donate to Wildfire Releaf for the forest fires in California, and Global Releaf2.

“We are launching Global ReLeaf2 because the current problem requires a doubling of our efforts to reduce rising global temperatures. Our goal is to plant 100 million trees by the year 2020, a goal that can only be attained through the support of communities, businesses, our partner organizations and individuals. By helping us restore the life-giving ecosystem services produced by forests, you can help prevent the loss of more trees.” says American Forests. currently donates $1 of every subscription to the Global ReLeaf Projects, check out what is going on in your state to help regenerate our forests.

In our own state, Colorado, we had a huge fire in 2002, the largest in Colorado history, the Hayman Fire. The fire destroyed many habitats including about 20-40 winter nesting spots for bald Eagles. So far with the help of local organizations the Global ReLeaf fund has donated over 26,000 trees for the restoration project alone. This project is a 10 year plan to regenerate the burn area.

Here are some other American Forest Campaigns.

Margot Members of the BBB


We were thrilled here at to be invited to become a Better Business Bureau Member. We have been in business in Colorado since 2001 and we were happy to receive the recognition from our local Denver Business Relations Specialist here at our offices in Boulder.

We have worked hard, over the years, at helping consumers better define their direct mail preferences and opt out of postal junk mail. We advocate Consumer Privacy, protecting the environment, saving precious resources in our communities by helping consumers remove their personal information from mailing lists.

Earlier this year we launched our new logo and improved website so it is absolutely brilliant to be able to highlight our efforts by being affiliated with the BBB.


Why are Baby Boomers Targets for Direct Mailers?


As a follow-up to our Press Release this week about the 2nd quarter 2007 Junk Mail Report it appears we have created some discussion about Baby Boomers and who exactly is in this demographic and why are they one of the most targeted groups of shoppers.

According to Brent Green from and Author of “Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers”, Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, the youngest being 43, the oldest being 61. Our over 65 group is usually referred to as the Silent Generation or G.I. Generation.

When we wrote the article we were looking at our entire demographic of over 45’s, which includes the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation and makes up for 63% of consumers who were polled in our survey report this past quarter.

In our surveys we are seeing a definite increase in the numbers in these age groups and Brent very studiously points a few reasons why.

He says that the Baby Boomers are a group who actually fueled the growth in the Direct Mail industry in the 1970’s… ” The reality is that Boomers are among the most direct mail responsive of all demographic groups. Nobody likes “junk mail,” but well targeted mail is a delight to most Boomers who, for example, fueled the growth of the catalog industry from the mid-1970’s onward.”

He also says that “Busy Boomers love catalogs, as long as those catalogs dovetail with their shopping and lifestyle preferences.” and “The influential over-50 segment has $2 trillion in annual spending power and today controls 50% of all discretionary income. Even more staggering is an unfolding demographic truth: more than 30 percent of Americans will be over 50 by 2010”. So what does this say about the direction of Direct Mail industry? Are we in for a dramatic increase in the amount of junk mail we receive?

At we want to help these demographic groups define their preferences more clearly and in turn help catalogers more directly market to the groups of individuals who actually want to receive a specific type of direct mail. In general we get far too much direct mail we do not want and immediately throw it out. According to our report nearly 60% of our consumers polled throw it out before the day is up. They walk from the mail box to the recycling bin and don’t even open the catalogs in a lot of cases.

I myself love catalogs because my life is so busy with kids and work, but I only like to receive the ones I prefer to shop from. I have used to achieve this in my own household. In actual fact I greatly prefer to find a catalog company online for shopping purposes. Why bother with paper when it is all online. Our survey actually shows that 41.1% of consumers polled would rather shop online too.

Brent also has an important point about getting in your car to shop at the mall, a further waste of resources getting there and, “…have you considered that retail shopping also creates a carbon footprint…” I do agree but what about supporting our local businesses and towns city taxes? These valuable $’s go towards creating more parks, schools, bike trails, etc… Can we not create a balance between the two? tries to empower the general consumer, including the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation, to do their part for the environment in any way we can. We do not want consumers to stop shopping all together, we just want to create a balance between the marketers and the shoppers.


TechStars Event and Boulder startups


I have just come back from a great run/hike in the foothills here in Boulder. It’s so inspiring and at some point along the way I always have to stop and admire the view. It’s amazing to think that you can be only 10minutes up the hills and feel like you are in the middle of the great Colorado Rockies!

But the other reason I really love Boulder is because we have available to us a great group of entrepreneurs, startup companies and opportunities right here in town. Everyone here has an idea or is thinking one up! I have a number of friends who have successful businesses in Boulder and most of them started out in their garages.

We attended the Techstars open event last night run by David Cohen, Funding Your startup. David is a great supporter of local Colorado businesses and he put together a group of experienced successful people for the event. Thanks David!

It was particularly enlightening to listen to the contrast in experiences from some of the panel , I was especially intrigued by Brad Feld from a venture Capital firm in Boulder and Kimbal Musk from a great local restaurant called The Kitchen which we love and eat at all the time. A fellow New Zealander works for Kimbal, Bryce Brown. Bryce also runs a great Boulder non-profit called Our Love of Children Foundation to promote kids healthy eating in schools. Kimbal also has another new venture, Medium which is a software company here in Boulder.

I found particularly interesting the observations made about whether to actually go for Venture capital or fund yourself. The panel did point out that most companies are predominantly successful on their own rather than using Angels, seed money or Venture capital.

If you do decide to go for the money I took away the following laundry list of what a venture capitalist is looking for in an interview:

1. You must believe in your idea and sell it in the first 15 mins
2. The VC must like you and want to work with you
3. Be yourself, was brilliant from Lisa Rutherford
4. Never look at a turn down as a negative, always take away something to improve upon for the next meeting
5. Practice, practice, practice!! Sound advice from Kimbal.

I think I walked away from the presentation with 2 very important items. Fund yourself if you can and in any way that you can. Don’t sell your company to just any Angle or venture capitalist, find someone who believes in you and your idea from the get go.

Thanks Again David,

New Web Site Launched for Subscribers


Today we launched a new logo and web site for you.

Junk Mail

Initial feed back was tremendous! I wish to thank all of our wonderful subscribers who responded with brilliant comments today and for their continued support. We couldn’t do this without you!

We have been working hard to redesign the site and to correct some features since March. We hope that you can more easily navigate and access your account(s) from anywhere on the site at a moments notice.

I would just like to make you aware of some key new features we added to the site. Firstly we added a more detailed approach to entering the Customer Number, Source code and Key Code from the address label on each publication you wish to opt out of. Secondly, we added some features to better communicate with you such as the RSS feed, Newsletter and blog.

There is also a new section for consumers who visit the site called How it Works. This section contains a demo so you may see what is inside the service before you join, you can search our extensive database of over 10,000 publications to test us out before joining, and we have made available in this section our own personal success story so you may reflect on how we started opting out of our own postal junk mail.

Overall we feel that our interface has made our service a better place to come and visit and we hope that you will visit as often as needed to eliminate your postal junk mail.

We would also like to invite you to comment and make suggestions for blog subjects. Do you have any specific questions for us that you think the rest of us would like to know the answer to? Do you have a friend or member of your family who has a question? We are here to help, even if you are not a member. Please use the Contact us section to make these suggestions. We will publish your questions and answer as best we can on our site at least once a week.

We are very excited to have the new site up and running and we realize you have a choice so thank you for your continued support! Please come back and visit us soon with your pile of publications!

Cheerio for now!