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JCPenney catalog or junk mail? Will this be your catalog choice?

JCPenney Will launch a new catalog. They haven’t sent one in six years. Is this a catalog choice for you? CBS Online video chats about if they like junk mail and how many pounds she gets. Also she hates the big fat catalogs. But catalogers say they are on the coming back.

The article goes on to learn about what the CEO of William Sonamoma thinks.

Quotes like “Even though she could just send an email …

“people love the catalogs.” …

“They’re not just sales-generating tools, they help people decorate…”

“Twenty percent of their first-time customers are placing orders after having received a catalog. But catalogs didn’t start out telling tales of faraway places. In the late 1800s mail-order catalogs were simple descriptions of what you could buy from enterprising, but far away, merchants”…

“The customer feels a bond to the brand,” Yohn said. “Something that isn’t necessarily achieved through a quick TV ad or online.”

There are, of course, those who don’t want their mailbox crammed with catalogs. There’s a Facebook page devoted to stopping Restoration Hardware’s bulk-mailing weighing close to 14 pounds. But those who want them can give you a catalog of reasons why.

Some like to send you unwanted mail. But other are willing to help stop the junk mail.

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