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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Global Earth Hour Christchurch New Zealand


Christchurch on the south Island of New Zealand is joining some other major cities around the world on Saturday March 29th 2008 for the first Global Earth Hour. The city will turn it’s lights off for one hour that day to take a stand against climate change. Other cities to join the 2008 initiative include Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago and Manila and pledges are growing around the world.

Earth Hour started last year in Sydney Australia which was an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund(WWF) and The Sydney Morning Herald. More than 2 million Sydney residents joined Earth Hour causing a 10.2% drop in energy usage across the Sydney CBD, according to Energy Australia.

Christchurch is the first city to join in from New Zealand.

We encourage any person, business or city to make a difference by joining Global Earth Hour 2008.


Fingerhut Automatically Opts Consumers Out of Catalog.


This week we discovered that Fingerhut charges $2.00 for anyone who wants to receive their 200 page glossy catalog. In my book that is an automatic Opt Out until you chose to Opt In. I love it! Thanks to our member who sent in the email to

By charging for their catalog Fingerhut are pre-qualifying prospective buyers to make sure they actually want to shop. Additionally Fingerhut encourage you to go to their website to shop their online catalog! This is a service where by a consumer can browse a paper catalog online rather than search online through a shopping system.

But don’t be fooled, once you are on their mailing list they may send you direct mail regarding other offers such as sweepstakes or credit card and so the cycle begins!

Email from our member:
” Thank you for your request for a catalog. You may purchase our 200 page catalog for $2.00 by calling us at 1-800-233-3588, or by mailing your catalog request to P.O. Box 0230 St. Cloud, MN 56395-0230. We accept Fingerhut credit, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards, or your checking/savings account as a form of payment. Please feel free to shop online anytime at Here you can view our most recent catalog under the Shop Our Online Catalogs option.”