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Making Your Catalog Choice, Tuesdays Biggest Day


At we have noticed that Tuesdays are the biggest day for the number of opt outs we process for members during any particular week. Historically our members are online far more on Tuesdays processing name removal requests than any other day of the week. Catalogs are at an all time high at this time of the year as catalog companies pile on the pressure for consumers to shop for family and friends.

We surmise that direct mail companies target the beginning of the week for shoppers decision making. Unfortunately for catalogers shoppers are choosing to opt out rather than shop.

We ask why a Tuesday? Could it be that Mondays are too busy for most of us getting back on schedule and routines for the week? I know Dr’s offices are hit hard on Mondays, it’s impossible to even get them to answer the phone. Mondays are also often holidays. So that puts us at Tuesday before we get to do things for ourselves. Probably the end of the week isn’t a good time either because most of us go out either Thursday or Friday nights to relax a little after a hectic week at the office or home. Saturday we are playing or watching sports and Sunday is a rest day, right? Phew….I missed Wednesday, but so do direct mail companies it appears.


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