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DMA Launches New Commitment to Consumers


I seem to be writing about the DMA a lot these days but the DMA have just announced today a renewed commitment to consumers by delivering the Mail Preference Suppression list to it’s Association members on a monthly basis. The reason being that the DMA wishes to address consumers, environmental, and privacy concerns. The DMA are calling this their “Commitment to Consumer Choice” (CCC) and are mandating that it is effective immediately, enforcement will begin one year from today. I am not sure whether this is also a requirement for those direct mailers who just subscribe to the Mail Preference Service. This is not clear.

So what does that mean for consumers? This means that when a consumer adds their name to the suppression list, all of the direct marketers that are members of the DMA (about 3600) will receive notification no later than the subsequent month, or 30 days. Therefore a consumers name will be removed from mailings lists within an 4-8 week period, instead of currently as much as 4-6 months!

You must remember that even though your name will be removed from mailing lists more quickly now with the DMA Mail Preference Service, it still takes 2-3 mail cycles for the USPS to clear the direct mail from the postal system.

Additionally, the DMA says that instead of the standard 5 years of suppression you will now receive at least 3 years. They snuck that little tidbit in there.


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