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Tell us Who are Members with the DMA


I was thinking the other day that it would be really useful if the DMA(Direct Marketing Association) would publish a list containing their members for consumers who sign up for the Mail Preference Service. I for one would like to know which companies are actually receiving my information for name removal, wouldn’t you?

The DMA says that they have over 3600 members but they do not ever share that list to those consumers who request to be added to the Mail Preference Suppression List. Whats the big secret? If the DMA really wants to help consumers opt out of postal junk mail why don’t they supply a list online (with a userid of course) for each consumer who subscribes.

I actually paid $5 a few years back when the cost was higher. Yes, I have seen a marked reduction in my postal junk mail but I have been using continually also. I still don’t know which mailing lists I will be back on when my 5 years runs out. Thankfully I am secure in knowing that by using that I have made sure that even when I am no longer on the Mail Preference Suppression List I will not see an increase in direct mail.

FYI: The postal junk mail debate is going on everywhere and the DMA is fighting back, have a read of this piece by printweek in the UK.

How about the DMA give us a clue. Fair go!


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