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Be Green Smart – Free Electronics Recycling Days in Boulder

Saturday October 13, 2007 8:00am – 1:00pm Free Electronics Recycling Days.

It was a cooler day in Boulder but sunny as usual. We could feel the fall day in the air. The Daily Camera had a advertisement about the second recycling electronics for free. The ultimate junk mail bigot’s idea of opting out of all your old electronics equipment and giving you the space for the new.

What a great way to keep the landfills from filling up with this old electronics gear that is no longer wanted. The person we spoke with indicated that some will go to goodwill, re-sell some and recycle the rest. We decided to unload a bunch of circa 1990’s monitors, laptops a printer and an old TV.

The event ran from 8am to 1pm and we got there about 9:30am. The line was already about 100 or more cars and the line when right down the road. It was a 1 hour wait to get to the point where we could open the back of the car and let out the gear. One folks running the recycling event (Western Disposal and Executive Recycling) indicated that in the first hour the bins they thought they would fill through out the day were filled by the end of the first hour. They felt bad they were not properly equipped to handle the popularity for the second annual event. They had four 18 wheeler trucks (or fat trucks as my kids call them) and loaded them directly from the cars pulling up. I guess that is why it took so long!



Cars Lined up waiting to unload the junk

Western Disposal accepts electronics for a fee at their trash and recycle center year-round. Do the right thing, and dispose of your electronics safely, in an environmentally acceptable manner and free of charge.


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  • Boulder and Boulder County residents recycled 131 Tons of electronics in 2007 Free collection events on June 16th, 2007 and October 13th, 2007. That’s some tonnage!


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