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Daily Archive for September 24th, 2007

Which Direct Mail Companies are DMA Members?


A question that a lot of ask is, “When I add my name to the Direct Marketing Associations’ Mail Preference Suppression List, what companies am I stopping?”

There are over 3600 direct mail companies that are members of the DMA, but there maybe more than 9000 direct marketing companies in the direct marketing business today and many more that are starting up or are thinking about direct marketing as a tool to reach more and more consumers.

Here is a sample of some of the industries that are members of the DMA:
Financial Services and Insurance companies
Book and Music Clubs
Advertising Agencies
Computer Services
Software Developers

This doesn’t mean that all non-profits are members or all Publishers are members, it means that there are some companies from these industries that are members. But who exactly are members? Here are some in the list. Yahoo!, IBM, Time Warner/AOL, Kodak, Google, JCPenny, Capital One.

So if you stop the DMA these are some of the companies your name will be removed from. The DMA encourages all direct mail companies to become a member or use their Mail Preference Service. The DMA does not cover all direct mail companies and it is a subscriber only service by the choice of a particular business who pays to be a member. A direct mailer may chose to be a full DMA member or just subscribe to the Mail Preference Service on it’s own.

The DMA is a marketing company that helps it’s members better target their marketing dollars and the Mail Preference Service is but one of the services. The Mail Preference Service portion helps their members better target consumers so they don’t waste money sending advertising to consumers who do not wish to receive it.

The Mail Preference Service is run by a subsiduary of the DMA called Interactive Marketing Solutions. The company was setup in 2001 to comply with consumer requests with regards to Privacy and Consumer Opt Out Legislation. They charge $1 for an online or by mail to add consumers names to the Suppression list.