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Compare Services for Stopping Junk Mail


When you want to opt out of postal junk mail and you would like to use a service, which service should you chose? Well there are a few services out there now that will help consumers opt out of postal junk mail. Of course is one of them but there are 2 more that are new to the business since 2006. So let’s take a look at, and I found all the information on each company website.

What is the Cost?
Stopthejunkmail is $19.95 per annual household subscription. greendimes has 2 annual subscription levels, the first is a mail reduction kit for $15, the 2nd is a mail reduction kit with add-ons for $36 but there are hidden extra costs such as $1 for the DMA and stamps for postcards. 41pounds has a one time payment of $41 for a 5 year membership.

How long have you been in business?
stopthejunkmail was established in 2001 and we launched a new logo and updated website this June 2007. greendimes is a silicon valley startup that launched their service in Sept 2006 and since then have relaunched their website an additional 2 times, including as recently as August 2007. 41pounds is run by 3 brothers from Michigan and launched their site around the same time in 2006.

What is included in the service?
1. Access to a list of 1000’s of direct mail companies
stopthejunkmail has a list of over 9000 direct mail companies, greendimes has around 3000. 41pounds says that they can stop any other catalog you wish if you contact them via email.

2. Unlimited usage for the whole household
stopthejunkmail is a full online service that allows you to opt out of junk mail for the whole household all year long. greendimes I am not sure whether the online service is for the whole household but you can opt out at any time. 41pounds has a slightly more limited service for the whole household requiring you to contact them for additional removals.

3. All types of direct mail:
stopthejunkmail and greendimes carry all types of direct mail companies in their databases and can reduce your junk mail by up to 90%. 41pounds will stop any type of direct mail except non-profits reducing your junk mail by 80-95%.

4. Account history:
stopthejunkmail and greendimes allow you to create your own accounts. You can login at anytime to see what catalogs you stopped. I am not sure if 41pounds has this ability.

5. Postcards:
greendimes sends you a mail reduction kit which includes postcards to stamp and mail out. 41pounds will contact 20 to 35 direct marketing companies, some of which they send you stamped, pre-addressed postcards that you sign and mail.

6. Refund available:
stopthejunkmail offers a 100% money back guarantee, I could not find this information about greendimes and 41pounds.

7. Canadian Service:
greendimes offers this service.

What about changing addresses?
stopthejunkmail and 41pounds members can change their address when they move at no extra cost. greendimes requires a new account to be setup which requires a new payment of $15.

Can you add other household members to your account?
stopthejunkmail and 41pounds offer this service online at no extra charge. I cannot confirm whether greendimes offers this service or whether it is an extra cost. Maybe Kendra can confirm that for us?

Can you handle businesses?
stopthejunkmail has 3 levels of membership for small businesses up to 25 employees.

What charities do you give to?
41pounds gives over 1/3 of each membership to a selection of charities. greendimes plants 10 trees per reduction kit but not sure what $ value that equates to. stopthejunkmail has been giving $1 per new membership for planting trees with American Forests Organization since 2001.

Are there other services?


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  • Unlist Assist is another company that will remove your name from major databases and directories for 3 years. They do all the work for you, so you can a clutter free mail box and also protect your privacy. Unlistassist (dot) com

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