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I have had few requests as to why it is important to use the exact information from the back of the catalog address label in order to be removed from a catalogs mailing list.

If you do not specify a name for a stop request the catalog company will be confused as to which name to remove from their mailing list and as a result nothing will happen. If you are unsure then use your full name as a default, not RESIDENT.

If your name is spelled 3 different ways on 3 different catalogs then you should use the exact spelling as you see it on each opt out request.

Stopthejunkmail allows you to add as many different variations of any household name to your list at no extra cost so you can add Mr Apple, Mr A Apple, Mr Andrew Apple, Andrew Apple and A B Apple or even Andrew Ape!

Additionally you should add your Customer number, Source code and Key code if you have it available to each opt out request. All of these help each catalog company locate your private information within their mailing lists.

Be thorough and you will effectively opt out of postal junk mail .


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