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What is the ECRLOT code on my Address Label?


I just received this great question from one of our subscribers this week!

An address label on a catalog has many different pieces of information on it. Of course there is your Name and Address but also included are 3 or 4 other codes which mailers use to track your account and where they got your private information from.

1. Account or Customer Number
2. Source Code
3. Key Code
4. Offer Number
5. Certificate number
6. Reservation Number

Additionally there may be a mail preparation marking in the very first line on the address label called the Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route Flat. In this Subscribers case the ECRLOT stands for Enhanced Carrier Route Line Of Travel. This a discount Flat rate that bulk mailers receive for mailing 90 days in advance using the USPS. The codes are for internal use with the USPS.

There may also be other mail preparation markings such as:
Regular: Presorted Standard or PRSRT STD.
Nonprofit: Nonprofit Organization or NONPROFIT ORG. or NONPROFIT.
Basic, high-density, and saturation rate pieces will be marked ECRLOT, ECRWSH, or ECRWSS

As far as I know it is not important when removing your private information from direct mailers mailing lists.

Again, great question!


2 Responses to “What is the ECRLOT code on my Address Label?”


    Well Margot – while it is very nice of you to list the other fields why, on god’s green earth, wouldn’t you go
    on to tell what all the fields mean?

  • Gidday George,

    Interesting choice of name! On the back of a catalog you will find an address label. There are usually color coded numbers, letters, codes, etc… Some are marked as Source Code, Key Code, Account number. These codes are used by the direct mailer to determine what source they got your information from. It may have been a one off mailing from a rented list. If may have been a puchased mailing list. Account number is the number the direct marketers will use to find you in their system. It would be nice if there were a standardized method to the colors and codes but unfortunately there is not.

    Reservation numbers, Certificate numbers and Offer codes are usually found on credit card and insurance offers and pertain to a particular mailing, again used by the direct mailer to track your personal information.

    Cheerio, Margot

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