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Stopping Junk Mail, What is your time worth?


How long do you spend a week going through postal junk mail?

Is your recycling bin nearly full at the end of the week?

Do you receive catalogs you have never ordered from?

How regularly do you or your family members get a credit card solicitation?

What can you do to get rid of your postal junk mail? Well, you can do it yourself but what is your time worth these days between running the kids to basketball practice, soccer games, baseball games, piano lessons, tutoring or gymnastics and your professional life?

I know as a mum I have a very packed week and all I want to do when I get the mail is see what is important and throw the rest out. Some of you have decided to do something about it. You start calling every company you received mail from, waiting and listening to phone music time after time, sometimes for over 15 mins at a time. Of course now it is a little easier, you can write an email but that’s only if you can find the right privacy or customer service email address on the website, which can also take 15-20 mins and that’s only if you actually find it!

On average you may spend 15 mins on each company and this doesn’t include the ones you have to mail to plus the cost of a stamp.

Do you think your time is worth $5 an hour? In most cases you would probably rate it more highly, but lets use $5 for this example. So lets say that every hour you can process 4-5 catalogs. If you receive 50 catalogs a week that’s about 10 hours per week or $50 of your time. Wow, and that’s per week! Can you afford 10 hours out of your week?

Of course your postal junk mail will reduce over time as you continue to opt out of postal junk mail. As you get the catalogs and call or email the companies, are you going to remember which ones you stopped and what account number was on the address label? Or did you stop it for yourself or your husband? Hmmmm… Maybe you should file each catalog address label and hunt through them each time. Add this time to the 10 hours you have just spent this week calling and emailing these direct mail companies.

With we are giving you a viable time saving service to help you manage this process.

We have a database full of privacy and customer service department addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses of catalog companies so you don’t have to waste your time searching the internet for the information.

We keep an order history on your personal account so you can look up the catalogs you stopped. If you keep receiving the same catalog you can match up the household member and account number to process a send stop.

Most importantly, along with your name and address being removed from mailings list we add that your personal information not be rented or sold which in turn protects your privacy and personal identity.

The choice is yours…… I look forward to hearing about your own personal experiences.

Cheerio for now,

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